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Today in Entertainment History: "Frasier" finale aired

On May 13, 1955, a riot broke out at an Elvis Presley concert in Jacksonville, Florida. It was the first time that trouble was reported at one of his concerts. Witnesses say the crowd went crazy when Presley said, "Girls, I'll see you backstage."

In 1971, singer Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane smashed her car into a wall, forcing the cancellation of a recording session.

In 1974, more than 50 people were injured outside a Jackson Five concert in Washington when fans started smashing bottles.

In 1977, The Beatles released their first live album, "The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl."

In 1985, musician Bruce Springsteen married actor Julianne Phillips in Lake Oswego, Oregon, on her birthday. They divorced in 1988. Springsteen later married his backup singer, Patti Scialfa (skee-AL'-fah).

In 1992, guitarist John Frusciante (froo-SHAN'-tee) quit the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He rejoined the band six years later.

In 1997, members of Midnight Oil purposely blocked traffic in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to protest the city's air quality. They sat in armchairs and sofas in the middle of a normally busy street for an hour.

In 2004, the final episode of "Frasier" aired on NBC.

In 2019, actor Doris Day died at her home in Carmel Valley, California, after a bout of pneumonia. She was 97.

Today's Birthdays: Actor Buck Taylor ("Gunsmoke," "Gods and Generals") is 86. Actor Harvey Keitel (ky-TEL') is 85. Actor Zoe Wanamaker ("Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone") is 76. Actor Franklyn Ajaye ("Car Wash," TV's "Deadwood") is 75. Musician Stevie Wonder is 74. Actor Leslie Winston (TV: "The Waltons") is 68. Comedian Stephen Colbert (kohl-BEHR') ("The Late Show With Stephen Colbert") is 60. Drummer John Richardson of The Gin Blossoms is 60. Actor Tom Verica ("How To Get Away With Murder," "American Dreams") is 60. Singer Darius Rucker (Hootie and the Blowfish) is 58. Actor Susan Floyd ("All My Children") is 56. Drummer Andy Williams of Casting Crowns is 52. Actor Brian Geraghty (GEHR'-eh-tee) ("The Alienist," "Boardwalk Empire") is 49. Actor Samantha Morton ("The Whale," "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them") is 47. Bassist Mickey Madden of Maroon 5 is 45. Actor Iwan Rheon (IH'-wahn RAY'-on) ("Game of Thrones") is 39. Actor Lena Dunham ("Girls") is 38. Actor Robert Pattinson is 38. Actor Candice Accola King ("The Vampire Diaries") is 37. Actor Hunter Parrish ("Weeds") is 37. Bassist Wylie Gelber of Dawes is 36. Actor Debby Ryan ("Jessie") is 31.