CPB Compliance

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting provides KANW with an annual grant and requires KANW to disclose the following information.

1. Station Staff.

Michael Brasher

Kevin Otero

Heidi Brown

2. Board of Directors. KANW is owned by the Board of Education of Albuquerque.

APS Board of Education

A seven-member elected Board of Education serves the educational needs and interests of Albuquerque Public Schools. 

Contact the Board

Phone: (505) 880-3739
Email: boarded@aps.edu

Board Members

Dr. David E. Peercy 
District 7 (2021)

Lorenzo L. Garcia
District 3 (2021)
Vice President and Audit

Yolanda Montoya-Cordova
District 1 (2019)

Peggy Muller-Aragón 
District 2 (2019)

Barbara Petersen 
District 4 (2019)
Policy and Instruction

Candelaria "Candy" Patterson 
District 5 (2021)
District Equity and Engagement

Elizabeth Armijo 
District 6 (2021)
Capital Outlay, Property and Technology

3. Community Advisory Board. By law, KANW is not required to have a community advisory board.

4. Open Meetings. All meetings of the Board of Education of Albuquerque Public Schools are open to the public. Information on the date, time and location of the meetings, as well as minutes of past meetings are available here.

2019-2020 APS Open Meetings Act Resolution


Board of Education Regular & Committee Meetings Schedule:


5. Most Recent Audited Financial Statements. KANW's most recent audited financial statements are available here and here.

6. Annual Financial Reports. These reports are made annually to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  A copy of the most recent report is here.

How to submit a request for public records from Albuquerque Public Schools.

7. Employee and Contractor Compensation.

Compensation information comparable to the information outlined in the IRS Form 990 Part VII A and contactor compensation in Part VII B for any grantee that is not required to file its own IRS Form 990.

For the uninitiated, IRS is requesting disclosure of officers and employees (including former officers and employees) making more than $100,000 in annual compensation. “List the organization’s five current highest compensated employees (other than an officer, director, trustee, or key employee) who received reportable compensation (Box 5 of Form W-2 and/or Box 7 of Form 1099-MISC) of more than $100,000 from the organization and any related organizations.”

There are no such employees or former employees at KANW meeting this criteria. Salaries for all KANW employees are available at this link.

8. Local Content and Services Report. This report, available in late February, will be here.

2019 Station Activity Report

9. Diversity and Equal Opportunity Employment. The Albuquerque Public Schools and KANW is an equal opportunity employer. The district shall prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability, race, ethnicity, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or ancestry, religion, age, veteran status, HIV status and/or any other protected status as defined by law, in all facets of employment, compensation, promotion, transfer, demotion, layoff, termination or selection for district-sponsored training programs. Discriminatory behavior violates state and federal laws and regulations. KANW complies with APS Equal Opportunity Services policies.

A.03 Nondiscrimination

Section 505/ADA Compliance: Students

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act/Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance: Employees

Section 504/ADA: Physical Access for Students, Parents and Employees with Disabilities

Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment: Employees

Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment: Students

Discrimination and Harassment: Employees

Discrimination and Harassment: Students

Disability Harassment: Students

All full-time APS employees have completed online training on the following topics:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Customer Service 
  • Cybersecurity
  • Discrimination Awareness in the Workplace
  • Email and Messaging Safety
  • Password Security 
  • Protection Against Malware
  • Sexual Harrassment Staff to Staff
  • Workplace Bullying Awareness & Prevention

10. Equal Opportunity Report. KANW has fewer than five employees.

11. Donor Privacy.

Online Privacy Policy

KANW-FM values your participation in our public radio community, both online and offline, and assures you that your privacy is a priority to us. The KANW-FM web site adheres to a strict policy for ensuring the privacy of your personally identifiable information (such as full name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and/or other identifiable information) and preserving the integrity of this online medium.

KANW-FM never sells, exchanges or lends to third parties any addresses, or telephone information you provide when making a Membership.

When You Make an Online Membership Pledge

KANW-FM will ask you to provide the information necessary to process and service your membership pledge: name, billing and shipping address, telephone number, email address, and credit card number. This information is only seen by our membership staff who process your gift.


When you contribute to KANW-FM online, the information you provide is encrypted using a Secure Socket Layer certificate (SSL) and transferred using secure protocol to KANW-FM where it is stored in a secure database.