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What Is Underwriting? 

  • KANW 89.1 FM acknowledges business contributions to the station with on-air announcements called "underwriting." Underwriting is to public radio what advertising is to commercial stations. These tax deductible underwriting grants help defray the cost of programming and broadcasting.

How Does Underwriting KANW Programming Help Your Business or Organization? 

  • By underwriting KANW programming, you can put radio to work throughout Central New Mexico for your business, organization or non-profit in important areas of marketing.

What Are the Other Benefits of Underwriting?

  • An underwriting contribution to KANW is a tax-deductible contribution and not subject to sales tax. Because KANW’s programming is delivered commercial-free, your message is heard loud and clear, without commercial clutter. Just as you, the underwriter, support KANW, loyal listeners will in turn support your business. 88 percent of NPR listeners say their opinion of a company is more positive when they discover the company supports public radio.

How Affordable is Underwriting?

  • You can market your business or organization

Can Non-Profits Underwrite Programming?

  • Yes, KANW has a special program for non-profits and governmental organizations.
    • Non-profit announcements are 30 seconds.
    • KANW will do Public Service Announcements live by our announcers.

What Are the Underwriting Guidelines?

·         Announcements can provide a value-neutral description of business and type of goods and/or services offered.

·         Announcements for concerts and other events can include: artist or event name, date, time, place, and where tickets are available.

·         Announcements can provide business location, and web site information.

·         Announcements may not include a call to action.

·         Announcements may not include price or value information.

·         Announcements may not include inducement to buy, sell, rent or lease.

·         Political advertising for political candidates or ballot measures is not permissible.

For more information on underwriting on KANW please contact Heidi Brown, email:  or call 505-242-7163