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KANW Challenge Grant:

KANW Challenge Grant:

A Challenge Grant makes an impact for KANW and all of the programs listeners have enjoyed, and leave a lasting impression on the community. The community which KANW New Mexico Public Media helps people build better lives, better communities and a better world. As we have done for 71 years, we will use education and human stories to offer new perspectives, to connect communities, promote civic and civil dialogue, and explore our most challenging issues

What is a challenge grant?

A challenge grant is a donation offered to KANW with the stipulation that the donation must be matched by additional listener contributions.  KANW announces challenge grants on-air and asks our listeners to match the available funds.  KANW receives the portion of the grant that is matched by listener contributions. Challenge grants from businesses are typical $5,000 to $10,000. However, KANW accepts challenge in any amount from companies or donors.

Why sponsor a challenge grant?

Encourage participation:  Challenge grants are a great way to encourage other listeners to get involved.  In fact, they’ve been known to cause our phones to ring off the hook!  Because KANW only receives the available challenge grant money if it is matched by listener contributions, challenge grants are a great way to motivate listeners to call with their gift.

Market your business:  Businesses who sponsor challenge grants are recognized on-air during the challenge grant period.  Audience research continues to indicate that public radio listeners appreciate businesses and organizations that support public radio!

What would my challenge grant spot sound like?

KANW is honored to have a challenge grant from company name/donors name for this morning. Company/donor will match every donation up to challenge grant amount. This is a chance to add even more value to your pledge.  Thank you to company/donor for your support of KANW New Mexico Public Media. Donate online at or call 505-246-0891.

For more information call Heidi Brown, 505-242-7163 or