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Today in Entertainment History: Scott refused Oscar

On April 15, 1966, the Rolling Stones album "Aftermath" was released in Britain. It was the first Stones album to contain all original material, and it featured songs like "Under My Thumb" and "Mother's Little Helper."

In 1967, The Who released the single "Happy Jack."

In 1971, "Patton" won the best picture and best director Academy Awards. Its star, George C. Scott, was named best actor, but he didn't accept the award because he didn't like the academy's voting process. He was the first actor to reject an Oscar.

In 1977, Gary Rossington and Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd presented Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson with a gold record for the album "One More For The Road." It had been recorded in Atlanta.

In 1982, Billy Joel was seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident on Long Island, New York. He spent about a month in the hospital.

In 1990, actor Greta Garbo died in New York at the age of 84. Among her movie credits are "Grand Hotel" and "Camille."

In 1996, the rest of Grateful Dead singer Jerry Garcia's ashes were scattered near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. A small portion had been scattered in the Ganges River in India 11 days earlier.

In 2001, singer Joey Ramone of The Ramones died in New York after battling lymphoma. He was 49.

In 2004, Bill Rancic (RAN'-sik) beat out Kwame Jackson to win the first season of "The Apprentice" on NBC.

In 2007, Richard Gere kissed Indian actor Shilpa Shetty several times on the cheek during an AIDS awareness rally in New Delhi. A judge in India issued an arrest warrant for Gere, claiming the kiss amounted to public obscenity.

In 2013, a boat captain cruised down a coastal creek near Savannah, Georgia, where country singer Billy Currington was staying. The captain accused Currington of chasing him in a boat and threatening him. Currington later pleaded no contest to threatening the captain, and charges of making terrorist threats were dropped.

Today's Birthdays: Actor Claudia Cardinale (car-dih-NAL'-ee) ("Pink Panther" films) is 86. Singer-guitarist Dave Edmunds is 81. Actor Michael Tucci ("Diagnosis Murder," "It's Garry Shandling's Show") is 78. Actor Lois Chiles ("Austin Powers," "Moonraker") is 77. Actor Amy Wright is 74. Actor Sam McMurray ("The King of Queens," "The Tracey Ullman Show") is 72. Actor Emma Thompson is 65. Singer Samantha Fox is 58. Guitarist Ed O'Brien of Radiohead is 56. Actor Flex Alexander ("One on One") is 54. Actor Danny Pino ("Cold Case") is 50. Country singer Chris Stapleton is 46. Actor Luke Evans ("The Hobbit") is 45. Drummer Patrick Carney of The Black Keys is 44. Bassist Zach Carothers of Portugal. The Man is 43. Actor Seth Rogen is 42. Actor Alice Braga ("I Am Legend") is 41. Singer-songwriter Margo Price is 41. Drummer De'Mar Hamilton of Plain White T's is 40. Actor Samira Wiley ("Orange Is The New Black") is 37. Actor Leonie Elliott ("Call the Midwife") is 36. Actor Emma Watson ("Harry Potter" movies) is 34. Actor Maisie Williams ("Game of Thrones") is 27.