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More Than Music: The jazz threat

Music shapes national identity. Whether it’s a song or a symphony, each can generate feelings of connection and belonging. Certain types of music embody cultural traditions and values — Italian opera, Russian ballet, or an Austrian waltz.

But what’s America’s signature sound?

Our series “More Than Music” returns to take us on anothermusical journey, this time through jazz. We explore how the genre has shaped the identity of the United States, why it was seen as a threat by so many, and the many ways it captures America’s personality & soul. Our guide is the music critic and historian, Joseph Horowitz.

“The Jazz Threat” was scripted and edited by Joe Horowitz. Sound design and production by Peter Bogdanoff.  Joe Horowitz is the author of “On My Way; The Untold Story of Rouben Mamoulian, George Gershwin and Porgy and Bess.” Earlier ‘More Than Music’ programs can be found hereherehere , and here.

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