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Today in Entertainment History: Live 8 concert was staged

On July 2, 1955, Lawrence Welk's television show debuted on ABC. The program ran for 27 years, both on the network and in syndication.

In 1956, Elvis Presley recorded "Don't Be Cruel" and "Hound Dog" in New York City. "Hound Dog" took 31 takes.

In 1963, singer Jose Feliciano made his first performance in New York City.

In 1976, Brian Wilson joined the Beach Boys on stage in Oakland, California, for the first time in 12 years. He had been going through rehabilitation for drug addiction and other problems.

In 1980, Bob Weir and Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead were arrested for suspicion of inciting a riot at the San Diego Sports Arena after they tried to interfere in a drug-related arrest.

In 1991, Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose sparked a riot in a St. Louis suburb by jumping off the stage and attacking a fan videotaping the concert. Sixty people were hurt, and the venue was wrecked.

In 1997, actor Jimmy Stewart died at his home in Beverly Hills, California, at the age of 89.

In 2005, Live 8 took place in 10 different cities worldwide to draw attention to poverty in Africa. Among the highlights was the reunion of Pink Floyd in London.

Today's Birthdays: Actor Robert Ito ("Quincy") is 93. Actor Polly Holliday ("Alice") is 87. Writer-director Larry David ("Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Seinfeld") is 77. Actor Saul Rubinek ("Warehouse 13," "Frasier") is 76. Keyboardist Roy Bittan of the E Street Band is 75. Actor Wendy Schaal ("American Dad," "It's a Living") is 70. Model-actor Jerry Hall is 68. Actor Jimmy McNichol is 63. Bassist Dave Parsons (Bush) is 59. Actor Yancy Butler ("Witchblade") is 54. Violinist Melodee DeVevo of Casting Crowns is 48. Actor Owain (OH'-win) Yeoman ("The Mentalist") is 46. Singer Michelle Branch is 41. Actor Vanessa Lee Chester ("The Lost World: Jurassic Park") is 40. Actor Nelson Franklin ("The Millers") is 39. Actor Ashley Tisdale ("Hellcats," "High School Musical") is 39. Actor Lindsay Lohan is 38. Actor Margot Robbie is 34.