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Today in Entertainment History: Beatles arrived at JFK

On Feb. 7, 1944, Bing Crosby and the John Scott Trotter Orchestra recorded "Swinging on a Star" in Los Angeles for Decca Records.

In 1964, thousands of screaming fans greeted The Beatles as they arrived at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport for their first American tour.

In 1965, George Harrison had his tonsils removed at a London hospital.

In 1979, Stephen Stills became the first artist to record on digital equipment, at a recording studio in Los Angeles. However, Ry Cooder is credited with releasing the first digitally-recorded record with "Bop 'Til You Drop" because Stills never released the material.

In 1980, Pink Floyd performed "The Wall" for the first time in the U.S. The band only did the show in Los Angeles and New York.

In 1981, country singer John Conlee joined the Grand Ole Opry.

In 1989, Michael Jackson visited the Stockton, California, elementary school where five students were killed by a gunman the month before. He brought T-shirts and cassettes for the kids.

In 2000, magician Doug Henning died in Los Angeles after battling liver cancer. He was 52. That same day, Foghat singer "Lonesome" Dave Peverett died of pneumonia in Orlando, Florida. He was 56.

In 2005, Paul McCartney performed at the Super Bowl halftime show in Jacksonville, Florida. He was the first act to play that gig following Janet Jackson exposing her breast at the previous year's Super Bowl halftime show.

Today's Birthdays: Comedian Robert Smigel (SMY'-guhl) (Triumph the Insult Comic Dog) is 64. Actor James Spader is 64. Country singer Garth Brooks is 62. Keyboardist David Bryan of Bon Jovi is 62. Comedian Chris Rock is 59. Actor Jason Gedrick ("Windfall," "Boomtown") is 57. Actor Essence Atkins ("Half and Half," "Smart Guy") is 52. Guitarist Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit is 49. Bassist Tom Blankenship of My Morning Jacket is 46. Actor Ashton Kutcher is 46. Actor Tina Majorino ("Napoleon Dynamite," "Veronica Mars") is 39. Actor Deborah Ann Woll ("True Blood") is 39.