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Today in Entertainment History: Cash released first single

On June 21, 1955, Johnny Cash released his first single, "Hey, Porter."

In 1958, Bobby Darin recorded his first hit, "Splish Splash."

In 1966, the Rolling Stones sued 14 New York hotels that had banned them. They claimed the move hurt their careers.

In 1970, Pete Townshend was detained at the Memphis Airport because he used the British slang term "bomb" to describe the success of The Who rock opera "Tommy." The FBI thought it was a bomb threat.

In 1973, Bread performed for the last time, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In 1979, guitarist Mick Taylor released his first solo album, four years after leaving the Rolling Stones.

In 1981, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker formally dissolved Steely Dan. They reunited in 1993.

In 1994, singer George Michael lost his lawsuit against Sony. He claimed that his 15-year contract with Sony was unfair because the company could refuse to release albums it thought wouldn't be commercially successful.

In 1998, actor Macaulay Culkin married actor Rachel Miner when they were both 18. They have since separated.

In 2001, bluesman John Lee Hooker died of natural causes at his home outside San Francisco. He was 83. That same day, actor Carroll O'Connor died of a heart attack at a hospital near Los Angeles. He was 76.

Today's Birthdays: Actor Bernie Kopell (koh-PEL') ("The Love Boat") is 89. Actor Monte Markham is 87. Actor Mariette Hartley is 82. Comedian Joe Flaherty ("SCTV") is 81. Musician Ray Davies of The Kinks is 78. Actor Meredith Baxter ("Family Ties") is 75. Actor Michael Gross (Baxter's co-star on the sitcom "Family Ties") is 75. Guitarist Joey Molland of Badfinger is 75. Drummer Joey Kramer of Aerosmith is 72. Guitarist Nils Lofgren is 71. Actor Robyn Douglas (TV's "Galactica," film's "Breaking Away") is 70. Cartoonist Berke Breathed ("Opus," "Bloom County") is 65. Actor Josh Pais (PYS) ("Ray Donovan") is 64. Country singer Kathy Mattea (muh-TAY'-uh) is 63. Actor Marc Copage (coh-PAJ') ("Julia") is 60. Actor Doug Savant ("Desperate Housewives," "Melrose Place") is 58. Guitarist Porter Howell of Little Texas is 58. Actor Michael Dolan ("Hamburger Hill," "Biloxi Blues") is 57. Filmmaker Lana Wachowski (wah-CHOW'-skee) ("The Matrix," "Speed Racer") is 57. Actor Carrie Preston ("The Good Wife") is 55. Actor Paula Irvine ("Santa Barbara") is 54. Country singer Allison Moorer is 50. Actor Juliette Lewis is 49. Actor Maggie Siff ("Mad Men") is 48. Bassist Justin Cary (Sixpence None The Richer) is 47. Guitarist Mike Einziger of Incubus is 46. Actor Chris Pratt ("Jurassic World," "Guardians of the Galaxy") is 43. Singer Brandon Flowers of The Killers is 41. Actor Jussie Smollett (smoh-LET') ("Empire") is 40. Actor Michael Malarkey ("The Vampire Diaries") is 39. Singer Kris Allen ("American Idol") is 37. Singer Lana Del Rey is 37. Actor Jascha Washington ("Big Momma's House" films) is 33. Bassist Chandler Baldwin of LANCO is 30. Singer Rebecca Black is 25.