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Dorothy Bernstein March 11, 1933 - June 2, 2021

Dorothy Frances Bernstein

Dorothy Frances Bernstein (March 11, 1933-June 2, 2021) left this world feeling incredibly grateful for her family and friends. Her children and grandchildren have benefited in countless ways from her common sense, intrinsic wisdom and sharp humor. In a house of seven, we saved every soap scrap and drank powdered milk to save money, but we never felt we were missing out. We ate few meals that were “store-bought” because she made everything from scratch – homemade bread and bagels, pickles, jelly, canned peaches – anything harvested from our dad’s garden. Friends loved to visit – always welcomed by the wonderful smell of bread baking, or something simmering on the stove. That, along with her witty conversation was always a big hit with anyone who came over.

Modest to the end, mom never really understood that she herself possessed incredible talents - demonstrated by the many quilts she made for friends and family, the clothing she knitted and sewed, and the dolls she crafted for all of us. She also composed poems for our birthdays almost every year—always in rhyme and always entertaining.  She didn't comprehend how many people she touched for 35+ years as the host of “Classical Music for a Sunday Morning” for KANW radio in Albuquerque, and before that as an announcer at KHFM. Her weekly show developed a large and loyal following over the decades, and listeners appreciated the humor and personal touch she created every week. Dorothy was often surprised to hear how she touched the lives of her listeners, but we, her family and close friends, understood this connection because of how deeply she touched all of us.

We are comforted by the knowledge that she left this world with no regrets and voiced to the end how fortunate she felt to have this life and this family.  Well, mom, we feel fortunate to have had you in our lives and supporting us for so many years.  Mel, Jeff, Ellen, Dana, Rachel, Susanna, Ian, Lily, and Aiden will miss you terribly. You and Dad had over 60 years together, and we, your children and grandchildren have never known a life without you. But we will move forward with your vitality now transferred among all of us – there’s plenty to go around.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in her name at KANW Albuquerque or a charity of choice. An original plant line has been dedicated to Dorothy’s memory. Friends and loved ones who would like to receive a propagation from this plant line to live on in her memory can make a request through the Plantcestry website via the contact form.