Gov. Martinez wants broader legal immunity for police

Jan 12, 2018

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Gov. Susana Martinez's proposal to grant broader immunity to police in use-of-force lawsuits is being met with criticism from attorneys and others on both sides of the debate. The Albuquerque Journal reports that Martinez plans to push for a measure during the upcoming legislative session that would provide somewhat of a legal shield for law enforcement officers sued for actions in the line of duty, so long as they were following their training. Albuquerque has reached settlements in a string of lawsuits in recent years over police shootings. An attorney who has litigated cases brought against police says the governor is attempting to score political points. Another attorney whose firm often represents officers says the governor's approach won't work. Albuquerque police's union president says he supports the concept of the governor's proposal.